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At CEPL, we believe that our growth lies in that of our employees. We build Entrepreneurs who create value, who believe that Initiatives taken today will show a better tomorrow!

We promise an ethical, competent, challenging and professionally stimulating work environment that values integrity and commitment to succeed. Your individuality in our team is an important factor of our business in which creativity, innovation, achievement and growth are encouraged.

We welcome team players who bring both integrity as well as competency to the fore - and are willing to take up challenges without fear. We work on one axiomatic truth - your growth is linked to the company's growth and accordingly, you yourself will chart out your own career progression path.

So, if you are interested in establishing a long term association with us that you believe would be equally and mutually fruitful, write in to us at

We promise to revert back to you with an exciting opportunity to meet us, if we believe that the fit is right.

Fax / mail your resume to:
Tel: +91 11 4279 5000
Fax: + 91 11 4279 5098 / 99

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